Have you been naughty or nice?

Even the elves have been put on quarantine, but have no fear as this pandemic Santa has decided to bring you joy anyways! He has brought it earlier this year as many stores have forgo the traditional Black Friday sales throughout the whole month of November instead of making it a full one day out of the month, making it easier for shopping without the worries of overcrowded stores.

What is on your list of gifts to receive this year? I would say that PEACE is at the TOP of my list! The CHAOS that 2020 has brought to many homes, it would just be great to be able to sit back with family and enjoy the time talking, playing board games and take focus away from gift exchanges. BUT...who am I kidding!? Gifts do bring us joy, knowing that our loved ones took the extra time to think about us and picked out something special just for you. Am I right?!

Now more than ever is a great time to start a new tradition, maybe cut back on the number of gifts or be intentional with the gift that you choose for someone instead of just grabbing the first thing you find. How about starting a new tradition like every year you purchase a book to read together as a family?

Speaking of books, did you know that I have several books available to purchase on Amazon! In addition, I did something out of my ordinary and this year I partnered with a friend and illustrated her children's book. AND guess what?! It was listed as a top gift to purchase!! You can see the article here.

So as you sit around the fire sharing memories of past Christmas or holiday gatherings, you can share this book with your family. Annabelle the Brave is a children's book about a little girl who is raised in the military lifestyle as both of her parents are in the Air Force. As a product of being raised in the Air Force, I saw this as a no brainer to illustrate the book as it shares the perspective from a toddlers view as a "military brat". Annabelle will bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart. It is a large print book making it easy for younger children to learn how to read and see the words clearly. The illustrations are bright and fun bringing the spunkiness of this toddler to life. The pictures were done with watercolor and gel pen, creating a unique look and a slight abstract view.

I hope that you enjoy our book as much as we did putting it together. So, what is on your Christmas list? Follow me and join in on discussions on social media. Facebook or Instagram. #annabellethebrave #designsbytrena #childrensbook #childrensbookillustrator #christmasgifts #naughtyornice #amazonbooks #airforce #military #militarylife #militarybrat #aishamanus #militarymom #militarymomcollective

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