How to establish a habit in 31 days without being bored

I am sure that you have heard that a habit takes 30 days to accomplish and I am sure that you have heard about the 7 habits of highly successful people right? There are many thoughts about what are the 7 habits of highly creative people if you choose to google it. Thinking creatively is great for problem solving, not just for creating artwork, music or writing.

Monday, January 27, 2020 I am kicking off a FREE 31 day Intuitive Painting challenge where these 7 habits of highly creative people traits come into action. If you haven't registered, it's not too late! Join us on our facebook page!

I used this article as a basis to inspire you in this challenge. The content was obtained from Antoinette Seaman, 7 Habits of Highly Creative People

  • 1. Learn Something New Everyday.- Creativity happens when you make the effort to learn or try something new every day. During the 31 day intuitive painting challenge, one of the "rules" is to set your timer for 5 minutes, paint with your emotions and then stop. I am sure that this is going to feel awkward, as people rarely work on a project for 5 minutes and then stop. The 5 minute "stop" is helping you learn boundaries, time management and to think about process.

  • 2. Connect the Dots-When you see the connection between facts, you're able to create something different. How does it feel to stop after 5 minutes of painting and walk away? What are you learning about yourself? Perhaps keeping a painting journal will be helpful, after the 5 minutes experience, write down these thoughts...then at the end of the experience, see if there are any reoccurring themes, or did your thought process change?

  • 3. See the potential and make a list-Use lists as a place to see ideas before they get overrun by another wave of creative thought. Keep your journal next to your nightstand, or carry it with you, write down inspirations or ideas that you would like to experiment in your 31 day intuitive painting.

  • 4. Don't shut the door on creativity-create now and edit after. Who knows where your creative mind will go? This is why the hard stop of 5 minutes and then WALK away is key. Do not get attached to your painting, as it will change from day to day. If you have a thought like I wonder what if...then do it!

  • 5. Keep a broad perspective-Roll with the punches, adapt to demands, and carve out a new path by thinking outside the box. Again, the what if mentality...don't put limits on yourself, this is also about exploring yourself, expanding what you know around you.

  • 6. Say no a lot more than you think-sifting out the stuff that doesn't work is just as important as keeping the things that do work. When you find that an idea doesn't quite work as you thought it would, that's ok, its all about the process and what you are learning about yourself...what you like and don't like. This process is also helping you learn to have boundaries in your personal space with life.

  • 7. Share your "ah ha" moments-collaboration is key to developing ideas and taking them places you hadn't thought of before. In the 31 day intuitive painting challenge, that is the whole point of the challenge, is to learn and process from others and yourself...and it teaches you about accountability. Use the hashtags #31dayinuitivejourney or #31dayintuitivepaintingchallenge when you post your artwork.

Lastly, this challenge is not a sprint, but more like preparing for a marathon. You are not going to go out today and run a marathon without any preparation. A marathon runner works on their distance in running, to strengthen their endurance...they start out with a certain number of miles a day, then slowly increases their miles, then they work on their timing to get their miles completed in a certain set time, right? So keep this same mindset when learning something new and in this 31 day intuitive painting challenge. #Marathonmethod do not give up.

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