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Yes, you read that correctly, LOV without the E. Joanna Trailov is a dear friend of mine whom I've bonded with over the last 10 months in collaboration with her non-profit organization

I met Joanna through the sisterhood of the United States pageant system where Joanna was selected as Ms Woman United States 2020. She resides in the San Diego, California area where she is a holistic healer and teaches yoga. Joanna began her organization a little over a year ago.

She chose to write her book, Made with Lov as an inspiration for "natural inner beauty and healing thru self love and and self awareness." Her book takes you on a 22 day journey for healing and mindfulness.

Her last name Trailov is the inspiration of the organizations name and dropping the E off of love, but still having the meaning of the word LOVE. "We believe that finding ways to heal and develop healthy relationships is the cornerstone of a thriving community. Beginning with self-love and self-awareness, Iamlov’s primary goal is to educate and spotlight the importance of happiness with yourself and others, especially when recovering and healing from the cycles of abuse."

The organization and her book are resources for individuals who have gone through some type of trauma such as physical, emotional, sexual, verbal or even money abuse. Her organization also opens their arms to those who have gone through divorce without abuse as the process of healing is one in the same.

Made with Lov can be purchased on Amazon. Her pre-launch sale is December 20-Jan 10, 2021 where you can pre-order the ebook with her author's sale.

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