Social Distancing and Emotional Wellness

Protect yourself and loved ones with vulnerable health issues by social distancing. Fear, anxiety, stress can lower our immune system and create a susceptible opportunity for other viruses/bacteria etc, not just coronovirus as the flu and strep are still viable during this season.

What are some things that you can do to lower these anxieties? This is a perfect time to connect to your inner child! Bring out the board games and play as a family. Some of my favorite activities include: card games, drawing, painting, journaling or even listening to music streams...and while you are at it, why not dance?!

If the weather is good outside, go for a walk in your neighborhood, just remember to keep your social distance, 6 feet or more from others. While walking outside, use your cellphone camera to take photos of trees, birds, flowers...even the cracks in the sidewalks can create some interesting abstract views. Think creatively, look closer at nature or approach from an angle that you would not normally look at it, maybe even a squat towards the ground to get an ants viewpoint.

Join me everyday this week at noon, EST, on DesignsbyTrena for fun anxiety relieving art activities.

Have a great day!


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