What is intuitive art?

Sometimes its hard to express how we are feeling with words, intuitive art can be a way to show those emotions visually at a given time. Its going with your gut instincts and drawing or painting what you FEEL like...so if its circles, let the circles embrace the paper, canvas or whatever you are embellishing. It is like you are putting yourself into life on your creation.

Need an idea on how to start? Have you registered for my 31 day intuitive art challenge? Pick up a few tips and have an opportunity to ask me questions in the process. The 31 day intuitive painting challenge starts on Monday, Jan 27, 6:45am est on my Facebook Page

If you can't join me live, that's ok too! Catch the replay and let me know you stopped by with #replay. Share your journey with us using the hastags: #31dayintuitivepaintingchallenge or #31dayintuitivejourney

What you will need: 1 canvas (Any size), paintbrushes, acrylic paint, paint pallet, apron (or clothes you don't mind getting paint on, timer, materials that you feel drawn towards (Will explain later) and a cup of water to wash your paintbrushes (keep care of them so they last longer) If you would like some help, I am offering a $25 paint kit delivered to your door! If you miss an episode, that is ok, please don't beat yourself up over it...this is about creating time for yourself, having space for mindfulness and putting yourself first. You can always catch up...and remember you are always where you are meant to be.

I look forward to seeing you on our journey!


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