My name is Trena Myers and I am an intuitive abstract artist, creative mindset and health coach. I received my health coaching training from Emory University in 2019 and have successfully completed the required sessions to qualify for national certification. 


It all started one spring afternoon in 2002, while riding a theme park roller-coaster ride my life changed as I knew it. I had received whiplash which spiraled my health into a downward motion without any feeling of control. There were days when my legs would give out on me and didn’t know if I could even get out of bed. A common diagnosis of fibromyalgia was what every physician I had encountered had given me for over a decade, but I hadn’t given up hope that there was more going on with my health that just had not been found yet.

Through my challenges I always found myself at my painting canvas. It was a way to deal with stress and anxiety. It was freeing to let the emotions, the pain flow through my body into the paintbrush onto the canvas and then breathe. 

My father is an artist and my experimenting with art began as a young child, throughout my teenage years into adulthood. I worked for my family’s art business when I was in college and at one time thought about getting a master’s degree in art therapy. I found that art was a creative outlet for unwinding and destressing.

I started teaching fun painting classes with my business, DesignsbyTrena! I travelled to the client and taught children to adults in their 90’s! This was just not enough for filling my soul. In 2017, I had been working with resident physicians teaching the fun painting classes as a way to relieve stress. This is when I discovered my passion for emotional wellness painting. It was an abstract way of painting without restrictions or guidelines and the residents loved it!

The emotional wellness classes consist of 3 different styles which could include color theory, meditation, mindfulness, and/or deconstructive art. This is how my 5 minute Monday Masterpiece and my Friday Creative Mastermind came to life.

As an Emory University trained health coach I also take these creative mindsets into coaching 1:1 and in group settings. It is important to set aside “YOU” time, there is only 1 of you, so take the time to take the best care of YOU. “Everyday is a learning experience, the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living” DesignsbyTrena!

In 2017, I finally had some answers! I had a gut feeling that there was more and I was right. This journey of being my own advocate and not giving up on finding the answers pushed me further towards helping others. There were stories that I had heard time and time again from others going through a similar situation but just settled for the answers that they were given instead of searching for more. However, it was all in the bloodwork that was never ran before to lead me to my diagnosis of hypogammagloblinanemia, an immune deficiency, so essentially my body doesn’t produce enough immune goblin’s to fight the common cold, flu, molds, bacteria, etc. This diagnosis gave me a sigh of relief to know that it was not all in my head! The obstacles that I had gone through can put a strain on someone’s mental health; the questioning if it were all in my head, was the pain real?


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